SINGAPORE - Couples For Christ (CFC) had their Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) at the New Park Hotel on May 12-13 which was attended by 58 couples. The two-day stay-in retreat helps couples to better understand and appreciate God's plan for their marriage and family life through talks and discussion.

The retreat also allowed the couples to have time to themselves to strengthen their personal relationships. Andrew Lim and his wife Ann, who have been married for 20 years, shared that the retreat has helped them to learn "how to become 'one' as a Christian couple" and "to operate like a 'pastoral' team to complement each other's role".

Raphael Teo, 41, a warden at the Church of St. Anthony, has been married to his wife Jenny for over 12 years. Through their experience at the MER, they are "no longer shy to show our love and concern for each other."


Charles and Rita Dorai say that attending the retreat was an awakening call.

Charles Dorai, 52, and his wife Rita, 43, revealed that "ever since the arrival of our children, our focus and time had all shifted to our upbringing of our children" and "failed to fulfil each other's desires and needs". "Attending the retreat was truly an awakening call for my wife and myself," testified Mr Dorai.

Mr Dorai, a lector at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, now takes time to have private time with his wife at least once a week, and to "honour her on her birthdays" and "days she treasures more" such as their wedding anniversaries. He also helps her with her household chores and manages the home with more love and patience.

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