Catholic schools share the mission of the Church. The Archdiocese Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) works with Catholic schools to strengthen the Catholic ethos in their communities by supporting them in their mission to provide a holistic education that includes the dimension of spiritual growth and the fulfilment of potential of gifts and talents given by God.

To specifically support leadership in schools, the Council of Catholic Schools’ Principals (CCSP) was formed in 2016 as a constituted body within ACCS. CCSP, comprising all principals of our 35 Catholic schools, supports principals in implementing a Catholic education that is based on a vision of the Gospel. Our schools will be places where faith and knowledge meet. Our schools will be places where our children are developed to become just and compassionate citizens for God and for society.

Cognisant of the one call present in us all, ACCS and CCSP have reached out to educators, parents, alumni and priests to underscore the importance of the school-church-home partnership in delivering a unique Catholic education where Christ is at the centre.

“Sowers”, the CCSP eNewsletter, reaches out to more than 400 Catholic educators every month. Each edition comes with a dedicated prayer for the month to sow the seed of faith and mission. There are articles featuring the different charisms of Catholic schools and writers also share how they live their mission in schools.

To forge closer links with parishes, principals represent CCSP to attend the five district meetings of priests in May each year. In August 2018, principals had the opportunity to engage priests from East District parishes in a dialogue on how schools and parishes can synergise to strengthen the Catholic ethos of schools.

Parents and alumni can also learn more about how schools live out their mission by following ACCS on Instagram ( and Facebook.

To celebrate Catholic education as a community, the Archdiocese designated Sept 10, 2017, as Catholic Education Sunday.

Every year, this special event sees students serving as lectors, wardens and worship leaders alongside parishioners at designated Masses at various parishes. There, they pray for Religious and educators that they may continue to pass on the light of Christ to the next generation.

Coming up on March 18 is the biennial Catholic Education Conference. Themed “Living the Mission, Celebrating the Spirt”, the conference serves as a rallying call to celebrate the ethos and spirit of Catholic schools through the sharing of good practices on how to build a stronger faith-centred culture.

This conference, to be held at Catholic High School, will be attended by school leaders, teachers, students, parents, alumni and chaplaincy teams.

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