Father Damian De Wind explaining the various features of the church to Buddhist monks and lay people.

Five monks and three Buddhist lay people from Sri Lanka were given a special tour of the Church of Divine Mercy in Pasir Ris on Oct 29.

It was their reward for graduating with First Class Honours from the Buddhist and Pali University in Sri Lanka. The trip was to let them experience the multiracial, multicultural and multireligious aspects of Singapore life.

They were accompanied by monks and lay Buddhists from the Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple here, which organised the visit.

Father Damian De Wind gave the visitors an overview of the various features of the church, such as the altar and the holy water font during the three-hour tour.

He also gave them a history of the church and explained what the Divine Mercy devotion was about, as well as elaborated on the church’s patron saint, Saint Faustina (1905-1938).

She was a Polish nun and her apparitions of Jesus inspired the Catholic Church devotion to the Divine Mercy.

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