I APPLAUD OUR archbishop for his stand against the release of the "The Da Vinci Code" movie. Our Singapore Government has wisely maintained the importance of inter-religious harmony and our church has always been supportive.

I was therefore deeply disappointed that the government rejected the request of our archbishop who speaks on behalf of more than 165,000 Catholics in Singapore.

Would the government's reply be different if the novel and especially the movie is fi lled with malicious lies about many things sacred to Islam including the Koran and the person of Prophet Muhammad. I believe such a novel and the movie would be banned in Singapore, and, rightly so.

To all my fellow Catholics, I appeal to you to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment before you make the decision to watch the movie. I was at Mass on Sunday May 21 and the celebrant stated clearly that he would boycott the movie. Why should he pay money to watch a movie that insults and ridicules our Lord Jesus whom we love dearly and our faith that we hold dearly. It's so silly and foolish.

    Vincent Yong

    Singapore 470736


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