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The Quieting the Soul retreat is for those seeking prayerful rest and quiet reflection.

For the past 13 years, a large number of people have experienced the tranquillity and warmth of God’s presence at the Quieting the Soul (QTS) retreat. In response to a need for those seeking prayerful rest and quiet reflection, the Cenacle Sisters in Singapore have been organising the retreat to serve as a time of silence, prayer and listening to the Lord.

Not only are the retreats held in Singapore but also other places like Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines. This is so people have the option of “getting away” from Singapore and experiencing other venues.

Said Sister Amy Lee, “Many make this retreat to deepen their relationship with God while others come to find time for quiet prayer and reflection.” They are also timely opportunities for retreatants to look back over the year and see how God has worked in their lives through the joys and challenges they have experienced, she said.

Ms Thana Thaver, a past retreatant, said that “the retreats have made a tremendous impact ... in helping me make changes in my life to deepen my relationship with Him. The almost daily meditations and visits to the adoration room have created a quiet inner joy, resilience and a heart of gratitude.” She shared that “through the solitude of my wanderings and meditation in the grounds, I learnt to appreciate the sacredness of all beings and was led to express pure gratitude to God.”

Another past retreatant, Mr Rodger Mok, said that the retreat helped him realise his “limitations and shortcomings” and how he needed to put “trust in Him, and not to be too hard on myself.”

According to the Sisters, QTS is structured as an individually directed silent retreat where each retreatant is assigned a director. The retreatant would see his or her retreat director once a day and be given suggestions for prayer and reflection for that day.

Retreatants are encouraged to spend the days in prayerful silence and to enter the retreat with an open and generous heart to listen to where and how God may speak to and lead them.

The specific schedules for the retreatant each day are the appointments with his or her retreat guide and the meal times of the retreat house. Other than these, the retreatants, in dialogue with their retreat directors, are free to decide their times for prayer and rest for each day.

From Nov 9-11, the QTS retreat will be held at St Patrick’s House at 490E East Coast Road. The three-day retreat costs $250.

Next year from Jan 12-18, a similar retreat will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at the Seven Fountains Jesuit Retreat Centre. This retreat will cost about $600 excluding airfare. Food and lodging are covered as part of the cost.

The only differences between these two retreats are their location, schedule and duration.

Those interested in registering for or finding out more about the QTS retreat can visit

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The retreat serves as a timely opportunity for retreatants to look back at the past year and see how God has worked in their lives.

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