A session at last year’s New Wine Conference. This year’s conference focuses on the communal nature of holiness.

What does it mean to be holy in today’s world?

This is the question that the third New Wine Conference, organised by the Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE), wishes to tackle on Sept 15.

The annual conference is aimed at creating platforms for communion within the Archdiocese.

The theme for the upcoming event, to be held at SJI International, is No Silo Saints.

ONE, in a press release, explained that many who are active in parish service are searching for a deeper purpose in their service.

“The Church, through successive Popes, reminds us that the ultimate goal of our service is not the many ‘tasks’ we have set, but the fruit of ‘holiness’ borne by the Body of Christ,” said ONE.

“Holiness is not merely a individual or ‘silo’ endeavour ‘between God and I’; we are called and saved as one people, the Body of Christ. There are no silo saints.”

The conference will spotlight the communal nature of the baptismal call to holiness. Conference goers will:

• discover practical pointers on how to grow in holiness, both individually and as a group
• be enriched by talks and peer-learning through an exchange of sharing with other participants on the joys and challenges in growing in holiness
• experience guided prayer with other participants. Participants will also be given a Communal Prayer Toolkit which can be implemented in their own groups.

Conference speakers include Msgr Ambrose Vaz, Fr Ignatius Yeo, and Fr Luke Fong.

This conference is for Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) members, members of the PPC Executive Committee, ministry leaders and members, and Small Christian Communities.

To register visit, www.one.org.sg/events.

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