The Glory to God retreat saw the participation of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, choir members, lectors, wardens and members of Small Christian Communities.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, choir members, lectors, wardens and members of Small Christian Communities took part in a retreat recently to build a greater sense of communion among the various groups serving in parishes.

The Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE), in collaboration with Gloria Patri Ministries, a worship and healing ministry based at the Church of St Anthony, organised the retreat.

More than 300 members of various church ministries participated in the June 15-16 programme, the first such combined retreat organised by ONE.

With the theme, Glory to God, the retreat, held at St Joseph’s Institution Junior, aimed to provide participants with an opportunity to encounter God and one another.

On the first day of the retreat, Mr Joseph Fernandez, founder of Gloria Patri Ministries, spoke about being empowered by the Holy Spirit, and the three pillars of growth in the spiritual life – prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

In the group sharing which followed, many participants shared that a lack of time and other priorities hindered them from consistently practising these spiritual virtues.

Small-group sharing among participants.

In the afternoon session, Fr Andrew Wong used the symbol of the vine and branches in John 15 to highlight the importance of remaining in the Lord and the Body of Christ. If one is cut away from God, one can do nothing, he explained.

“To work for the Glory of God we need to first know God, love God, and serve God”, said Mr Fernandez as he began the second day of the retreat. He spoke on the topics “Working for the Glory of God” and being “Vibrant, Missionary, and Evangelistic”.

He stressed that Catholics must be re-evangelised so that they can live out the vibrancy of their faith and bring Jesus to all.

Fr Andrew Wong speaking at the retreat.

Fr Andrew, speaking on the topic of “Servant of the Lord”, reminded those serving in the parishes that they are merely “doorkeepers” in the house of God and thus the need to serve with humility.

Participants said the retreat helped them experience the oneness of the Church in working for the glory of God.

The retreat “helped me to better understand why I am serving God in my ministry”, commented Mr Gary Goh, an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. “I have learned how much God truly loves me at this retreat.”

Ms Angeline Wong from the Church of St Bernadette said the retreat helped her experience the bond she has with Jesus and with others in the Church in building the Kingdom of God.


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