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The archdiocese has launched a website featuring stories on how people have experienced the Lord in their lives.

The site,, was launched on April 3, and contains stories ranging from finding the Lord as a result of life’s challenges to recognising the subtle workings of the Lord amidst one’s circumstances.

“The Bible is full of stories from the beginning to the end. That was how the early people of God communicated messages – through stories,” said Archbishop Goh, who came up with the idea of giving more prominence to real-life stories for the new evangelisation.

“Jesus always used parables and stories to talk about God. He doesn’t give a discourse, but He gives examples from daily life to connect [with] people. And so if you use stories and testimonies people are converted, people are touched.

Because stories connect people with their inner lives.”

The archdiocesan communications office, in a media release, noted that “Jesus used parables to engage”.

“We all love stories; we love sharing some of our God experiences as much as we love hearing from others as well. Every person is a story, and it is important for us to take in each story that is shared to strengthen our faith and trust in God.”

The website also allows people to share their own faith experiences. “It … offers collaborators within church organisations the opportunity to create more awareness for their programmes and events through the sharing and testimonies of their participants,” said the communications office.

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