Archbishop William Goh baptising an Elect on March 31. A total of 52 people were baptised at the cathedral after its first RCIA programme. Photo: VITA IMAGES

In a moving Easter Vigil Mass, Archbishop William Goh baptised 52 Elect from the first RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) journey at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Alongside them were 10 candidates – baptised Christians – who were fully received into the Catholic Church, together with eight confirmands.

In a special address at the end of the Mass, Archbishop Goh advised the new Catholics to be part of a good faith-sharing group.

“You cannot walk alone ... or in months, you will drop out of the faith,” he said.

“Besides ministries, which is about serving ... you need to have a group you can share your faith with, where you can pray and share the Word of God together.”

Ms Clare Rynn Teo, 43, one of the newly baptised, shared with Catholic News how God worked in her RCIA journey.

“When I finally told my parents I would like to get baptised, they got pretty upset and refused to talk about the issue,” she recounted. “I prayed hard for their understanding. Exactly seven days before baptism, my mum suddenly told me that she and my sister would attend the Easter Vigil.”

She added, “God taught me to be patient, to trust in Him, because He will always make things happen in His time.”

The cathedral’s RCIA journey also drew participants from other countries who live and work in Singapore.

Ms Emma Hailey Kim, 28, a South Korean who was baptised, said she found the RCIA community to be a huge blessing.

“I have found and built my faith, and I have found a family here now,” she shared.

Englishman Alfred Ben Cross Lewis, 34, a former Anglican, said: “It has been a truly uplifting journey, helping me to find peace after a difficult period in my life. I look forward to deepening my relationship with God as I strive to become a better man.”

On why he decided to run the RCIA programme after consulting with the archbishop, cathedral rector Msgr Philip Heng said: “There are many people working in this city district and the challenges of life can be overwhelming.

“We believe strongly that the RCIA journey will truly help people live more wholesome lives in the face of their challenges, with greater strength and faith.” 


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