latin community Mass
Members of the Spanish-speaking community in their traditional costumes during the Dec 12 Mass.

A Mass to commemorate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe was held on Dec 12 at the Church of St Bernadette.

Opus Dei Fr Joe Lopez, chaplain of the Spanish-speaking community, celebrated the Mass in Spanish for the Latin community, many of whom were in their traditional colourful costumes.

At the same time, he also translated his homily into English as he was keen to welcome the local community who attended the Mass.

In his homily, Fr Lopez said that Our Lady of Guadalupe, appearing and associating as a native Mother of God, did what the Spanish conquerors and European priests could not do over the preceding decade, which was the massive conversion of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and the whole of Latin America over the following years.

After Mass, people enjoyed a time of fellowship, food and dance.

Ms Cristina Cortes, a Mexican married to a local, said “celebrating a Mass in honour of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Spanish and English and praying in my native language brought me [back] to Mexico City, my native country.”

She added, “It was beautiful to see more than 100 people from the Hispanic and local community attend the Mass followed by a fiesta as we do in Mexico.”

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