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Fr Terence Kesavan sharing with participants how to view elements in their daily lives from a different perspective.

A social media workshop sent out a call to create new, modern-day parables which people can relate to and discover a correlation with their Catholic faith.

The Oct 14 workshop was the second such workshop organised by Volunteers in the Archdiocese (VITA) Social Media and ArchComms (the archdiocesan Communications Office).

The first workshop was held on Aug 19.

During the recent workshop, Fr Terence Kesavan, one of two keynote speakers, shared how elements in daily life – movies, tennis balls and even coke cans – when seen from a different perspective, can be used to explain and deepen the faith.

The event, held at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd’s annex building, also saw participants gathered in groups to drum up ideas on how to create modern-day parables of their own.

Mr Linus Koh, creative director of ArchProductions, showed the impact of storytelling through videos in this digital age. He offered practical tips and demonstrated the technical know-how of conducting an interview.

Mr Aloysius Tan from the Church of Divine Mercy shared, “Videos capture feelings and emotions of people, and it helps me relate to my faith much better.”

Referring to everyday items like coffee and smart phones and using them as analogies, Ms Jane Tan of the Archdiocesan Commission for the Apostolate of Mandarin Speaking (ACAMS), shared that she “learnt to think out-of-the-box, to share how faith is related to my life.”

Mr Keith Neubronner, from Kingsmead Centre, said “the skills shared are very useful, especially for non-media professionals or individuals without such prior training. And of course, the spiritual grounding before the sharing of skills helps us to recognise the approach we should take when engaging with the faithful online and on social media as a whole.”

If you are part of a communications team in any parish or Catholic organisation and are interested to attend future workshops, email your name, designation and organisation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contributed by the ARCHBISHOP'S COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE

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