Participants of the archdiocese’s inaugural social media workshop in a group discussion.

By Amelia Desmond

More than 100 people attended the archdiocese’s inaugural social media workshop titled Blastoff!

Organised by Volunteers in the Archdiocese (VITA) Social Media and supported by ArchComms (the archdiocesan Communications Office), the aim of the workshop was to equip all participants with baseline knowledge and application of effective communication on social media platforms.

The Aug 19 workshop, held at the cathedral’s annexe building, was open to Catholic organisations and all parishes.

Mr Nicholas Lim, one of the presenters, shared how a few parishes lost administrative control of their Facebook pages and also how to mitigate such risks.

Mr Ignatius Ong and Mr Nicholas Tan, parishioners of the Church of the Holy Family, explained how they increased engagement and reach on their parish Facebook page.

During the question-and-answer segment, many questions were raised. Topics brought up included fake news, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and copyright laws.

Archbishop William Goh, in his address, reiterated the archdiocese’s vision to build a vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church.

He encouraged all present to use social media to reach out to the world. “All of us must work together and support each other, because there is only one Church, one Gospel,” he said.

He also launched his personal Facebook page ( which features stories, personal messages, Scripture reflections and videos.

Archbishop William Goh officially launched his Facebook page during the workshop.

Ms Julianne Lim, a parishioner from the Church of St Michael said, “Seeing all of us as one Church, one community is very edifying. I know of some ministry members who feel isolated, so this workshop is a great initiative to bring us together.”

Mr Rex Fernando remarked, “The session touched beautifully on Facebook audience engagement and it was the best part of the workshop. If workshops as such can be made mandatory for parishes and Catholic organisations, I think we will be better equipped.”

Organisations and parishes seeking to set up a communications team can contact ArchComms at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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