Br Ghislain from the Taize community in France speaking to participants during the event at Agape Village.

Br Ghislain from the Taize community in France led an evening of Taize songs at Agape

Organised by Caritas Singapore, the Taize session was an evening of meditative prayer, singing and silence for more than 350 people.

It was held on Aug 11 and had the theme, Together, Opening Paths of Hope.

Participants were invited to reflect on the Transfiguration, drawing moments in their lives where the hope and the glory of God shone through.

Earlier that day, he led a short retreat with Caritas Singapore and its member organisations at Agape Village.

Br Ghislain shared that because of the many obstacles in life, people sometimes feel completely powerless and lose joy in what they do.

“My wish is to refresh the joy ... How day after day, we can nourish the profound goodness of the human heart, and the profound goodness of the human soul,” he said.

Br Ghislain likened the mission of Agape Village to Taize – that while all the activities are different, there is unity at Agape Village.

He also touched on the similarity with his Taize community where the Brothers come from many different countries, yet live together.

Br Ghislain shared four proposals for the Caritas Sungapore team to work on that would lead to opening paths of hope.

They were: standing firm in hope, simplifying our lives in order to share, coming together to allow the dynamism of the Gospel to be revealed, and allowing friendship to grow for peace.

From these proposals, the Caritas Singapore team formed intercessory prayers that were used during the Taize session that evening.

Br Ghislain was in Southeast Asia for the last few months for the Asian Youth Day and other events. He was passing through Singapore before heading back to France.

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