Archbishop William Goh blesses a beneficiary of the Society of St Vincent de Paul during a special Mass on April 29. Photo: VITA Images

Bring Jesus to those you serve, “through your love for them, your good deeds”, and if there is an opportunity, through the Gospel.

Archbishop William Goh gave this advice to members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul during their annual Mass for their beneficiaries, called Friends-in-Need (FINs).

“Only those who cultivate a deep love for the Lord in the Eucharist will find the strength and capacity to see the face of Jesus in the poor,” said Archbishop Goh during the Mass held at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

“We can serve the poor, but if we do not serve with joy, compassion and respect for them, we bring more harm than good.”

Close to 800 FINs and Vincentians attended the April 29 Mass, of whom more than 300 were non-Catholics.

Many of the FINS, especially the non-Catholics, were seen admiring the newly restored cathedral. A summary of the homily and the Prayer of the Faithful were also delivered in Mandarin for the non-English speaking FINs.

During the Mass, Archbishop Goh gave individual blessings to FINs who were in wheelchairs.

An elderly FIN from the Society of St Vincent de Paul’s St Bernadette conference was apparently so moved after attending the celebration that she said she wanted to know more about the faith and how to be a Catholic.

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