A young participant reading during the Biblethon held from April 22-23.

The Verbum Dei Missionaries, together with the mothers’ group from the community, organised what is believed to be the first ever Biblethon from April 22-23.

About 250 people, including Catholics, Protestants and non-Christians, took part in the event which was held at the art therapy room in Agape Village.

Earlier, participants ranging from primary school children to seniors had registered for the event by choosing their respective Bible chapter and time slot. They were then each given a Biblethon card to collect monetary support for their reading which would go to the Verbum Dei fundraising efforts.

“As we are still raising funds for our mission house and chapel, we wanted a fundraising event which was meaningful to our Verbum Dei mission that centres on the Scriptures,” said Verbum Dei Sr Sandra Seow.

“Thus, we came up with this idea of having the New Testament uninterruptedly proclaimed in 24 hours,” she said.

The event began at 6pm on April 22 with the enthronement of the Bible and with Fr Valerian Cheong reading aloud from Matthew 1. After that, an unbroken chain of readers read chapter after chapter of the New Testament until the following day afternoon. The event also saw some participants reading in Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog and Mandarin.

It took exactly 23 hours to reach the last chapter of the Book of Revelation.

Fr Valerian then celebrated the closing Mass to mark the end of the event.

“It was an experience I have never had before. When I sat in the room and listened to the words being read out, there were moments when I was reminded of God’s love for me,” said Ms Venetia Lai, who read a chapter from the Gospel of Luke.

Ms Audrey Ruyters, who read a chapter from the Book of Revelation, said, “I was pleasantly surprised at how God was drawing me into His presence as I let my heart do the listening through the

Mr Paul Ow, who read a chapter from the Gospel of Luke, commented, “The Biblethon was a rather creative and daring initiative to raise funds as well as a good way to show our love for His Word. My son and I have never listened to full chapters being read out like this before and it gave us new perspectives on God’s Word.”

For more information on the Verbum Dei Missionaries and their Project HoPe fundraising efforts, visit http://verbumdeisingapore.org/

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