Willie and Teresa Koh were the longest-married couple at Marriage Encounter’s freeze flash mob event.

In their 56 years of marriage, Mr Willie Koh and his wife, Teresa, have never raised their voices at each other.

“Love is about accepting and respecting each other,” said Mrs Koh, 80. “We make it a point to forgive and not harp on things.”

Mr Koh, 81, added: “We do argue at times, but it is over in a few minutes. There is no fire in our arguments.”

Their love is still burning strong.

The Kohs were among some 350 people who took part in this year’s “Freeze Flash Mob” on Feb 12. It was organised by Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) Singapore and supported by the Archdiocesan Commission for the Family and Family Life Society.

Held in front of ION Orchard, the event drew the biggest turnout since it was launched in 2011 to mark World Marriage Day, which is observed on the second Sunday of February each year.

For five minutes, couples – many with their children and/or parents in tow – held various fun and romantic poses as they brandished signs declaring the number of years they have been married.

Meanwhile, curious passersby stared, smiled or stopped to figure out what was going on. The confusion was cleared up soon enough, thanks to volunteers with placards that read: “Please do not be alarmed. Just happily married couples having fun.”

The event has inspired similar freeze flash mobs in at least 10 other countries, including Belgium, Ecuador, Guatemala and Spain, since 2015.

By celebrating the sacrament of marriage in a novel way, the organisers hope to show that long-lasting marriages are still possible. The Kohs were in fact the longest married couple among the flash mob participants.

Their daughter-in-law, Suelynn, 43, said of her in-laws: “They show love and concern for each other even during normal, quiet moments. For example, Dad would take out old photos and say, ‘See how beautiful Mum is.’

“It is a blessing for me to live with them. They are exemplary models of love and faithfulness.”

On the other end of the scale were sales director Darren Ong, 46, and his wife, Evelyn, 36, who tied the knot just a few hours before the event.

Mrs Ong, a business development manager, noted that the event inspires married couples to keep and renew their vows.

“It is also a good reminder to those who have neglected their marriage after having kids to keep the flame alive,” she

For more information on Marriage Encounter, visit wwmesg.org

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