Jared Ng looks at this and other features of the Church of the Holy Trinity in this ongoing parish series

The 14 stained glass panels depicting various Bible stories can be found in the main church.

Stained glass panels that detail Bible stories, a vibrant kindergarten and a programme centred on re-igniting the faith in parishioners.

These are some of the interesting features of the Church of the Holy Trinity, located in Tampines.

Parish Renewal Experience

The parish has conducted the Parish Renewal Experience many times. More commonly known as the PRE, it aims at giving participants the opportunity to reflect upon their faith and to discover areas in which one can grow.

“It is about the sharing of one’s spiritual life. The people come to be evangelised so that they may do the same to others,” said parish priest Fr Edward Lim, 63.

The Parish Renewal Experience aims to allow participants reflect upon their faith and areas in which they can grow.

According to him, the PRE is held over four days (usually from a Thursday to Sunday) and consists of talks, Bible studies and reflection, praise and worship, and fellowship.

It is usually held twice a year and will end with a social outing involving all participants and organisers.

The PRE also provides an opportunity for all church ministries to work together in areas such as logistics, food and assisting with the execution of the programme.

The last PRE was held in November 2016. “Usually about 50 to 60 people attend,” said Fr Edward.

He added, “Most of the participants end up joining the various parish ministries such as the choir or lectors.”

Stained glass panels

The stained glass panels found in the main church depict 14 different Bible stories – seven from the Old Testament and seven from the new.

Fr Edward Lim served in the parish from 1990-1997 and returned in 2009.

These include depictions of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, the Annunciation, the Birth of Christ and Jesus’ first miracle performed at the wedding in Cana.

According to the parish’s 25th anniversary magazine, the panels were imported from an Italian firm and designed by Alessandro Grassi.

Holy Trinity kindergarten

On weekdays, children can be seen running around and playing on the church premises.

The Church of the Holy Trinity Kindergarten has about 250 kids, comprising different races and religions, under its care.
One thing that is encouraged in the kindergarten is “teaching religion. Knowing the faith and learning to pray,” said Fr Edward.

Since mid-2015, K2 children have visited Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) – a purpose-built home for persons with dementia – to spend time with the residents as part of their curriculum.

The kids engage the residents through various activities such as arts and craft sessions, Lego games and singing.

The Church of the Holy Trinity, located in Tampines, was officially blessed and opened on Oct 28, 1990.

According to principal Shirley Tan, the aim this year is to integrate some lesson plans with the home.

“We share our objectives with them [AHL] and they do the same. Through this, our lessons become more value-added and the children can bring to the residents what they learnt in class,” said Ms Tan.

Parish demographics

The parish serves about 9,000 people. Of that number, about 40 percent are foreigners, said Fr Edward.

On April 23, Fr Edward will be posted to the Church of the Risen Christ where he will be parish priest.

Fr Frederick Quek, currently serving in the Church of St Anthony, will take over at the Church of Holy Trinity.

“I hope the parish will continue to look into the deepening of the spiritual life and mission of its people,” Fr Edward said.

History of the church

The building of the church was spearheaded by Fr Paul Tay.

According to the parish’s 25th anniversary magazine, before any construction took place, Fr Paul and his team visited Catholics around the neighbourhood to form the community for the new church.

The Church of the Holy Trinity was officially blessed and opened on Oct 28, 1990, by Archbishop Gregory Yong. It became the 30th Catholic Church in Singapore.

Only two other churches are newer than this church – the Church of Divine Mercy and the upcoming Church of the Transfiguration.

The inside of the church had unique designs such as:
- A water fountain that lined the middle aisle of the main church, from the back to the sanctuary.
- A sanctuary surrounded by lush greenery and stuffed animals.
- The background of the altar had a rock formation depicting the Garden of Eden.

These unique features were removed during subsequent renovations and replaced by a more modern design.

For more information on the parish, visit http://www.holytrinity.org.sg/ n

By Jared Ng
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