Children exercising their art skills at the Craft station during the West District Kids’ Bible CampPhotos: Jerome Ho

Five-year-old Luke Peh and his sister Serene listened to the story of St Dominic Savio and learnt that children like them were not too young to try to be saints.

Elsewhere, their sister Gracie put the finishing touch of marshmallows on her kebab while their eldest sister Faith helped to guide children during the Bible camp.

Luke, Serene and Gracie were among the 80 children at this year’s West District Kids’ Bible Camp.

Faith was one of about 72 volunteers, made up of parents and youths from various parishes, who helped out.

Titled Birthday Blast: A Celebration of Life!, the camp was held at Blessed Sacrament Church from Nov 29 to Dec 3.

The organising committee consisted of parishioners from the Churches of St Mary of the Angels and St Ignatius, as well as Blessed Sacrament Church.

The focus of the camp was to guide the children to discover, respect, protect, serve and celebrate life. Through this, they learnt to appreciate each other and themselves as God’s gifts.

Each day centred on a theme and virtue, which were fleshed out through a Bible verse, a skit, and activities at the various camp stations – Faith, Music, Craft, Snack and Games.

To tie in with the children’s preparation for the great celebration of the Lord’s birthday, the youth facilitators dressed up as characters from the Christmas story and presented an Advent message each morning.

Children learning how to put Jesus at the centre of their lives during the Bible camp, held from Nov 29 to Dec 3. 

When children displayed virtues highlighted during the camp, such as showing helpfulness while working together at the Snack station or cooperating with their team members at the Games station, they received tokens. These could be exchanged for gifts at the end of the day and it proved to be a favourite among participants.

Among the youth volunteers were a number who were present to help at last year’s camp and there were those who were
previously camp participants.

Expanding beyond the district, a number of youth volunteers were from parishes such as St Joseph Church (Bukit Timah), St Anne’s Church, Church of St Francis Xavier, Church of St Vincent de Paul and Church of St Bernadette.

During the Mass on the final day, Fr Thomas Sukotriraharjo, parish priest of Blessed Sacrament Church, reiterated the importance of reading the Bible, and reminded parents of their role as good shepherds to their children.

Ms Evelyn Peh and her husband Gabriel felt that this was a meaningful way for their family to spend the holidays. “The camp covers a broad range of topics and the kids have learnt a lot, such as respecting their own bodies, and also made new friends. Luke was jumping out of bed every morning to come to the camp,” said Ms Peh.

Mr Gary Chia found that his children benefited in getting to know children from other parishes and also grew spiritually.

This is the third time the West District Kids’ Bible Camp has been organised. Previous camps were held at the Churches of St Ignatius and St Mary of the Angels.

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