The Chancery has been informed by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila that the devotional group Banal na Pag-aaral (BNP) Vigil Adorers, which has a chapter in Singapore, cannot be considered a Catholic association in good standing.

The Manila Archdiocese has informed the Chancery that,

1.   Based on its investigations, certain worship services of the Banal na Pag-aaral are outside the approved norms of religious services and orthodoxy, for example those in which the BNP’s Chairperson Salve Carreon acts as Jesus Christ;

2.  The BNP’s activities, which include the devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and weekend retreats, are used as occasions to teach the doctrine of the Mahal na Inkong. According to this doctrine, Mahal na Inkong is God manifesting and revealing Himself through the person of Ms. Carreon.

Through the total indwelling of the Mahal na Inkong in Ms. Carreon, Ms. Carreon is said to become God Himself, thus demanding the complete surrender of the BNP followers’ will to the will of Mahal na Ingkong.

This doctrine and the surrender demanded by it have led to family disintegration, financial losses, and fanaticism; and

3.   Ms. Carreon has refused to revise BNP’s teachings to conform with Catholic doctrine.

The Chancery has been informed by Singapore’s BNP chapter that through the association’s international hierarchy, this chapter comes under the leadership of Chairperson Salve Carreon.

In accordance with the above, the Banal na Pag-aaral is henceforth banned from operating in the Archdiocese of Singapore.

The Chancery understands that well-meaning members of the local chapter, which may include its office holders, have participated in BNP’s activities from a genuine desire to improve their Catholic spiritual life.

They are instructed to dissociate themselves from the organization, the leadership of Salve Carreon, and any related reverencing of her and following of practices uniquely instituted by her and those loyal to her. They are encouraged to reintegrate themselves into mainstream Catholic life in their parishes by participating in legitimate Catholic Associations, devotions and ministries.

Priests are instructed not to allow the BNP to hold activities in parishes or Catholic institutions or groups. Nor may they provide religious services to the BNP or its members under the auspices of the association. They are asked to actively help to reintegrate BNP members back to mainstream Catholic life.

Fr. John-Paul Tan OFM, JCL
Chancery of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore
#07-01 Catholic Centre, 55 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187954
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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