Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia lovingly surrounded by K2 kids from Catholic Kindergarten.

Children from Catholic Kindergarten in Flower Road visited residents of St Theresa’s Home to learn the importance of caring for the elderly, especially those living with them at home.

A total of 86 K2 kids, accompanied by teachers and some parents, made the visits over two days on Nov 2 and 3.

Different kids visited the home on each day.

They had the opportunity to meet Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia, a resident at the home.

He expressed his joy at seeing the children happily singing and interacting with the residents.

Some of the activities the children did during the visits included singing hymns and songs, performing dances and playing games with the residents.

The game the residents enjoyed most was Bingo (played without money). They could relate easily to the numbers being called and shouted out in joy each time they had a winning number.

Another popular game was the “parachute” game where a wide nylon sheet with a hole in the centre was held by the residents and children. The aim of the game was to prevent a ball from falling into the hole, which proved to be a good test of cohesion between the residents and their young visitors.

Children and St Theresa’s Home residents playing the ‘parachute’ game. The aim of the game is to prevent the ball from falling into a hole in the centre of the nylon sheet.

As a present to the residents, the kids prepared gift-wrapped towels and lotions. Grocery items such as Milo and biscuits were donated by parents while monetary donations were made by the teachers.

Kristel Lam, 6, said, “Making the old folks happy makes me happy!” Her mother, Mrs Celine Lam said the visit “is a reminder for me to teach my children to think of one thing they can do to make their grandparents happy each time they visit them.”

Ms Edna Ng, principal of Catholic Kindergarten, expressed her gratitude to the management, staff and residents of the home.

“Allowing our children the opportunity to interact with the elderly residents is an experience that cannot be taught in the classroom,” she said.

Since 2013, children from Catholic Kindergarten have made visits to other elderly homes such as the Miriam Home for the Aged in Kluang, Johor. 

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