An All Saints’ Day celebration with kids dressed up as (from left) Our Lady of Fatima, St Gianna Beretta Molla, St Lucy, St Germaine Cousin, St Michael, St Francis, St Agnes and St Michael.

All Saints’ Day came early this year for some 50 children as they celebrated a “Party with the Saints” dressed as their favourite saints and martyrs.

The celebration took place on Oct 29 at the Catholic Centre.

Thanks to local Catholic couple Thomas and Stefanie Tan, the giggling children – aged between two and 12 – had a whale of a time with games, story-telling, and magic.

They also sang hymns, recited a decade of the rosary, and prayed the Litany of the Saints.

Originally planned as a private home party with a few friends, Mr and Mrs Tan decided to expand the event to welcome other parents and children.

Elderly residents of St Vincent Home were also invited to join in the fun.

“Instead of the commercialisation of Halloween, we wanted to help our two children share the joy of All Saints’ Day and to foster a deeper relationship with their holy brothers and sisters in heaven,” said Ms Tan, 39.

“We were initially concerned about the costs of holding a large gathering. But by God’s grace, generous sponsors provided for the entire event.”

Little saints spotted included St Michael the Archangel; the fourth-century empress St Helena; the medieval maidservant St Zita; and the modern-day St Teresa of Kolkata.

The nominees for the Cutest Saint award were dressed as St Michael, St Therese of Lisieux and St Teresa of Kolkata.

Ms Marian Ang, 38, said she enjoyed bonding with her daughter as they chose her saint and prepared her St Helena costume.

Mr Simon Sin, 40, said his daughters had so much fun dressing as St Lucy and Our Lady of Fatima that they wanted to wear their costumes to their school’s Halloween party. “My younger daughter, who is usually restless during prayer, actually prayed the Hail Mary when we were dressing her up as Mary,” he said.

Organiser Thomas Tan, 47, expressed his joy at the success of the party and said that he was open to throwing a similar celebration next year. “We hope parents and their children will recognise that no one is too young to be a saint!” 

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