The Teachers’ Day Mass was held at CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent on Sept 10.

“Teachers are called to believe in the mercy of God for unless we are believers of the mercy and receive it, we cannot give it to others,” said Msgr Ambrose Vaz during the Teachers’ Day Mass.

Catholics educators from across the island gathered at CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent for the annual celebration on Sept 10. The event was organised by the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS).

Together with the main celebrant, Msgr Vaz and concelebrants Frs Adrian Danker and Edward Seah, the Mass was attended by teachers from all walks of life. The choir was from the music ministry of St Theresa’s Convent and the altar servers were from Catholic High School and St Patrick’s School.

In his homily, Msgr Vaz encouraged teachers to draw from the mercy of God so that they can be merciful teachers like Jesus. Recognising the dual role of teachers as figures of authority and care, he encouraged Catholic educators to continue to reflect the loving embrace of God in the classroom.

There was also a special blessing for all teachers present as they stood in prayer with many of their family members in

Ms Jane Choong, a teacher from Tanglin Secondary School who came with her family, found the experience a meaningful one. “Coming here reminds me why I am teaching. It reinforces my decision to live out my vocation as a Catholic teacher in a government school,” she said.

Msgr Ambrose Vaz encouraged participants of the Mass to continue to reflect the loving embrace of God in the classroom.

Several non-educators were present to lend their support and pray for the teachers.

Chris and Cindy Chia, parents of a student in St Theresa’s Convent, saw their presence as affirmation for the good work of teachers. “Nowadays, it is not easy being a teacher as they are often bombarded by calls, e-mails and texts about their students by parents. It has to be a great daily sacrifice.”

Ms Christina Teo, principal of St Anthony’s Primary School said, “It is like a community here,” referring to the familiar faces she sees yearly for at least 13 years. “It reminds me of my own responsibility as principal to my community in my school.”

Other educators were reflective about their vocation. “I’m reminded that teaching opens the world to the children,” said Mr David Wong, a teacher from Hai Sing Catholic School. 

By Charles Lim

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