It is believed that recently until June 2016, an Indian national and layperson named Francis George Thomas had been exercising a “charismatic healing ministry” and accepting donations of money at various locations around the Archdiocese of Singapore. This was one of many visits he has made here, and may make more. During such visits he has also been known to sell his own religious-themed books and music CDs.

Mr. Thomas does not have the customary approval of the Catholic authorities in the diocese from which he originates. Bishop Stanley Roman of the Diocese of Quilon in Kerala states that he has not recommended him for any purpose. Nor has Mr. Thomas appear to have ever obtained his permission to address a Catholic assembly, or had approval for preaching from any ecclesiastical authority.

Mr. Thomas claims to travel frequently to the Persian Gulf to perform his “ministry”, where he is also believed to have collected money. The people of this area have been warned against him by Bishop Roman, at which point they are reported to have stopped welcoming him. Bishop Paul Hinder of the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia has also stated that he has not granted Mr. Thomas permission to preach in his jurisdiction.

Mr. Thomas has clearly stated his refusal to comply with the Chancery’s request that he first seek permission from the appropriate statutory and archdiocesan authorities for his activities in Singapore.

The Chancery advises Catholics against participation in and support for his activities. This includes but is not limited to the giving of donations, buying of his merchandise, and other logistical and material support which could facilitate his activities in Singapore or overseas.

We would like to advise that sponsorship or aid of his activities will be a cause for investigation by the authorities. Should he reappear here, anyone who is aware of his activities is asked to report them to the Chancery.

Fr. John-Paul Tan OFM, JCL
Chancery of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore
#07-01 Catholic Centre, 55 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187954
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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