Jesus, the Living Word, Speaks, is to help Catholics encounter Jesus through the Scriptures. Jesus, the Living Word, Speaks, is to help Catholics encounter Jesus through the Scriptures.
To celebrate Bible Sunday, which falls on July 10 this year, the Archdiocesan Biblical Apostolate will be publishing a book titled, Jesus, the Living Word, Speaks. The book will be given away free in all parishes as a means to celebrate Bible Sunday.

The aim is for Catholics to treasure the gift of the Word of God and to have a personal encounter with Jesus through reading and praying the Scriptures. When there is personal encounter with Jesus, lives will be truly transformed, says Verbum Dei Sr Sandra Seow.

“Many Catholics are attending Bible classes in order to become familiar with Scripture,” said Sr Sandra, director of the biblical apostolate.

“This is good and should be encouraged. However, intellectual knowledge of Scripture is not enough. The Word of God is alive. The Word of God is a Person, is Jesus. He speaks. He transforms us. He has the power to ignite the fire of love in our hearts if only we open ourselves more to His Word.”

The book consists of two sections. The first section contains articles written by Sr Sandra, who is also author of Prayer for Living: The Word of God for Daily Prayer Year A, B and C.

The articles in Jesus, the Living Word, Speaks explore topics such as Jesus as the Word of God, the need to listen to the Word of God, the method of listening to His Word, the struggles faced in prayer, and the call to proclaim His Word.

The second section contains personal testimonies of people who pray with the Word. Their sharing speaks of their personal faith journey of praying and encountering Jesus in their lives.

Said Sr Sandra, “I hope this book will lead Catholics not just to know about the Bible, but to listen and encounter Jesus, the Living Word personally in their own lives.”

Jesus, the Living Word, Speaks will be available in parishes over the July 9 and 10 weekend. You can find it online at after the Bible Sunday weekend.

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