CARMELITE Sister Mary Euphrasie Of St Joseph, also known to many friends as Sr Mary or Sr Fussy, served as an Extern Sister (Sisters whose duties include marketing and receiving visitors) for 52 years until 1996 when she had to give up her duties due to weakening health. 

And so the enclosed Sisters had more opportunities to enjoy her happy and pleasant company until the Lord took her away on Dec 6.

Born in Feb 18, 1915, Sr Mary intended to join the Good Shepherd Sisters as a young girl, but the Lord had other plans. She made her profession as a Carmelite Sister in Jan 1948.

She was very diligent in the preparation for the Mass and the Divine Office. Each day, she would take pains to prepare for the next day’s liturgy and if she was not sure of anything, one could rest assured that she would find help from any Sister who was available, until she got everything right!

Any duty or message entrusted to her was sure to be taken care of with utmost diligence and promptness.

Sr Mary also had a grateful heart and was ready to thank anyone for the least service rendered to her. And if she offended any Sister, she would not let the sun set before she had made peace with her. Many will remember her famous and contagious smile, which came so spontaneously to her and her charming ways which would make one do any favour for her.

In July, Sister had a fall and from then we noticed that her health started to fail. After a mild stroke, she was admitted into hospital on Nov 10 due to a chest infection and other complications.

She was on oxygen during her hospitalization and was in a stable condition. But on Dec 6, at about 4.15 pm, her health took a bad turn and she passed away peacefully to meet her Lord. ! Submitted by the Carmelite Sisters.

- Submitted by the Carmelite Sisters

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