St Joseph’s Institution International (SJI International) and St Joseph’s Institution (SJI) scored impressive results in the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme.

The 164 students from SJI International achieved an average score of 37.6 out of a maximum of 45 while the 80 SJI students scored an average of 40.7 points.

According to The Straits Times, the average score for the some 20 schools offering the IB Diploma in Singapore is 38.5 points.

Both SJI schools had a 100 percent diploma pass rate.

SJI International had 38.4 percent of its students achieve a score of 40 points or more. Three students attained a perfect score of 45 points, seven students attained 44 points, while another 13 obtained 43 points.

Fifty-seven SJI students scored 40 points or above including four who achieved a score of 44 points. Three students were also awarded the prestigious Bilingual Diploma.

Mr Bradley Roberts, principal of SJI International, said: “The academic programme at SJI International is only one part of our truly holistic programme, which sees all our students fully involved in the very extensive programme of activities, sport and community service.”

Fr (Dr) Adrian Danker, SJ, principal of SJI, said, “What I am particularly proud of our school’s achievement is that our students achieved this by having a healthy and happy balance between studies and play, between learning deeply and serving the community generously.”

The IB Diploma, as an alternative to the GCE A Levels, requires students to take six subjects. They also take a second language, write a 4,000-word essay and take part in a community-service project among others.

The diploma is valued for its holistic curriculum and strong focus on independent learning and thinking.

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