Foreign Speakers
During the week of 11-14 November 2015, an individual named Fabienne Guerrero, believed to be of French nationality, had given a series of talks on subjects relating to the Roman Catholic faith at various locations within the Archdiocese of Singapore. She has not complied with the Archdiocesan and statutory requirements of foreign speakers intending to minister in Singapore. She has not been approved by the Archdiocese and her messages are to be disregarded.

Please be advised that henceforth, she is not permitted to do any ministry work in Singapore. All organisers of her talks are similarly to take note of this.

“Maria Divine Mercy”
The Archdiocese of Singapore strongly advises members of the Roman Catholic community against obtaining, distributing, using and wearing devotional objects or other items associated with the cult following of an individual calling herself Maria Divine Mercy. These include ‘Marian’ medals of unapproved or unfamiliar devotions such as the so-called ‘Numisma Salutis’ (Medal of Salvation), miniature prayer cards with the ‘Seal of the Living God’, and other items which may accompany them, including crucifixes or literature containing Maria Divine Mercy’s messages and prophecies. These are unauthorized, false and against Catholic teaching. Anyone possessing items originating from her is advised to dispose of them.

Fundraising by Foreign Religious/Priests
Foreign religious/priests have in recent times been known to have attempted fundraising in the Archdiocese of Singapore. Please be reminded that all solicitation of donations by foreign bodies need to be approved by the Chancery with a letter of proof. Civil norms regulating fundraising efforts for foreign projects also need to be observed.

Chancery of the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore
Download PDF file: ChanceryNoticeCHN-CN-2015-016.pdf

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