Students from different universities leading in praise and worship. Students from different universities leading in praise and worship. A group of 38 university students from seven tertiary institutes attended the School of Christian Leadership (SOCL) from May 29-June 6.

The camp was held at Lorong Low Koon.

During the programme, organised by the Office of Young People (OYP), the students learnt what it meant to lead with a shepherd’s heart.

Fr Jude David, chaplain of OYP, started off by challenging the participants to put God first in their lives and seek His wisdom above all other things.

This was followed by Ms Christina Chua, a full-time staff, leading the first session, based on “The Father’s Heart”. She affirmed participants’ intrinsic worth, reminding them that they are worthy of God’s love.

Another OYP staff spoke about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Mr Edwyn de Souza said that going to heaven wasn’t a matter of “being a good guy” but rather the constant recognition and truth that “Jesus died for me and rose for my justification.”

Several other sessions led by OYP staff included topics such as wholeness and forgiveness, prayer and the Word of God, community, discernment and Christian leadership through discipleship.

The participants also took part in daily Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, prayer sessions led by several priests, praise and worship, games and fellowship.

The stay-in event ended with Kickstart, where more than 50 university freshmen were welcomed by their seniors – those who attended SOCL.

Together, they participated in Mass which was followed by a prayerful procession with in the compound of OYP in honour of the Feast of Corpus Christi.

Mr Stuart Peter, 22, from the Church of the Risen Christ said that SOCL “taught me so much about forgiveness and love, and I really feel liberated to pursue Jesus and do greater things with my life in His name”.

By Amanda Lee

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