Fr Edward Lim, OCDFr Edward Lim, OCDWhen was the last time you had fun?
A few months ago with some friends. We went to a karaoke and sang our hearts out. It was great!

What do you like best about being a Religious/consecrated person?
Belonging to someone and not drifting along. That someone is God.

What has sustained your life as a Religious, especially in the face of challenges/changes?
Having a structured timetable with prayer times keeps me grounded. Those daily moments give me the periods of silence that I need to make sense of the daily changes that I have to confront with. It is difficult to have to deal with them alone.

What was one of the biggest challenges you have faced as a Religious and how did you deal with it?
Adjusting to the new dignity of being a pastor of souls to people who are much older than me and leader to other friars with many years of experience within the Order. It is very humbling to learn that I am not as perfect I thought I am.

What aspect of Religious life has brought you most joy?
When we pray in common and eat in common. Not easy as we have different temperaments and likes and dislikes.

How would you summarise your life today as a Religious/consecrated person?
Balancing the various aspects of ministry, religious community commitments and family needs. Living in the world but not of the world is challenging and interesting.

What are the usual distractions during your prayer time? What do you do about them?
Everything distracts me! Recognising that they are distractions and choosing to let them go and get back to God. I usually have a spiritual book that I read when I am very distracted; I will put it down when the distraction passes.

What is the Lord calling you to be in this period of your life, if any?
Keeping faithful to the vows is a continual lesson that I learn daily, and surrendering in trust to His guidance to whatever He sends my way. The Lord knows best.

What do you like doing most when with your biological family?
Having a meal together and watching television.

What do you usually do to relax?
Go to the gym or do some handicrafts.

Singaporean Fr Edward Lim
Order of Discalced Carmelites

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