50,000 rosaries offered up by parishoners to pray for Singapore

Nativity parish’s rosary pledge cards seen in this basket.Nativity parish’s rosary pledge cards seen in this basket.
In celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, the parish of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary set out to offer a spiritual bouquet of 50,000 rosaries for the nation, prayers for its leaders, families, the poor, racial and religious harmony and social responsibility.

This was the brainchild of parish priest Fr Henry Siew and the Parish Pastoral Council.

The target of praying 50,000 rosaries was set with a target completion time of three months, by Aug 9. The project was led by a small team of young adults. Pledge cards were distributed to parishioners, each representing 10 rosaries. After they prayed the rosaries, the cards were signed, placed in collection boxes and counted weekly.

There were doubts initially if the target could be met. But as the weeks passed, the pledge cards were returned by the hundreds, providing encouragement for the organisers.

With the support of the entire parish – as well as Catholics from outside the parish – the target was achieved a week before National Day.

The project united parishioners, many of whom made special plans to organise prayer sessions within their families, ministries and neighbourhood communities.

“[Praying] together with my Neighborhood Christian Community members provided a sense of Christian unity and gratefulness to God,” shared Ms Monica Loh, 50.

A member of the organising team, Ms Kareen Chua, 25, reflected on her experience. “Praying for our nation made me realise our responsibility to continue praying for Singapore and not to take what we have for granted,” she said.

By Jerry Sim

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