1.    Fr Adrian Anthony has been reappointed Rector of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd with effect from 4 May 2015 in accordance with can. 557 §1.

2.    Fr Terence Pereira has been appointed the Diocesan Director for the Pontifical Missions Societies (PMS) for the Archdiocese of Singapore for a term of two [2] years with effect from 21 May 2015.

3.    Fr James Yeo has been appointed as a Governor with the St Gabriel’s Foundation for a term of two [2] years with effect from 14 July 2015.

4.    Fr Edward Lim OCD has been appointed as the Conventual Chaplain to the Order of Malta Singapore (Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta) for a term of two [2] years with effect from 28 May 2015


Fr Anthony Hutjes SSCC has received an “imprimatur” from Archbishop William Goh DD for two publications, “A Catholic View on marriage and sexuality” and “Exploring our Faith”.

SG50 Archdiocesan Celebrations
The Archdiocesan celebrations of SG50 that will be commemorated with a Mass on 4 Jul 2015 at the indoor stadium will fulfill the Sunday obligations of that weekend.

In the previous Chancery Notice CHN/CN/2015/004, the dates were mistakenly reported that Fr Samuel Lim will assist in pastoral duties at the Church of the Holy Family from the months of May – July of 2015. The correct months are from July – September of 2015.

Chancery of the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore
Download PDF file: ChanceryNoticeCHN-CN-2015-005.pdf

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