Catholic Junior College staff and students, past and present, posing for a photo after the school’s 40th anniversary Mass on Jan 31.Catholic Junior College staff and students, past and present, posing for a photo after the school’s 40th anniversary Mass on Jan 31.“It’s great to be back,” said Mr Kenneth Goh, 55, from the Catholic Junior College (CJC) graduating batch of 1978.

“I think it’s wonderful that even though we’re studying in different universities, it’s events like these which bring us back together,” said Ms Jessica Vincent, 21, who graduated from CJC in 2011.

Mr Goh and Ms Vincent were among 500 people, including 13 priests, Religious, and past and present staff, who gathered to celebrate Catholic Junior College’s 40th anniversary on Jan 31.

Archbishop William Goh, in his homily during the Mass held at the school’s auditorium, said that faith formation complements academic excellence. They aren’t mutually exclusive, as in the end, “Jesus is our teacher in truth and love,” he said.

Addressing CJC educators, he said that “the only way we can form people is through love,” as students “won’t listen” if teachers only focus on building an individual’s character solely “through discipline”.

Archbishop Goh added that even teachers could learn from their students. “When you give to others, the Lord is using them to make you a better person,” he said.

Just like when a priest listens to a penitent in the confessional, the priest “becomes more in touch with his struggles,” he said.

Following the homily, Archbishop Goh blessed the college’s crest, flag and the liturgy for the school’s Masses.

There was also an address by the chairman of the board of directors, Mr Gerard Lee.

He said for CJC’s 2014 student intake, there were only 14 percent who were Catholics. He also said that over the years, fewer Religious were part of CJC’s staff. Nevertheless, CJC’s commitment to Christian values remains.

Other celebrations set to take place this year include a carnival on March 14 and a gala dinner on
Nov 14.

Visit for more information, or to register for the dinner.

By Lorna O’Hara
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CJC’s milestones
1975: CJC founded.

1987: Formal moral education programme created.

1990: Religion and ethics programme established.

1995: Establishment of the College Community Service Programme.
          Educational and Career Guidance Committee established.

1997: Transformation of Lecture Theatre 2 into a smart lecture theatre.

2001: Establishment of the Community Involvement Programme and the Overseas Community Service Project.
         Official opening of the training and development centre, the fitness centre and the jogging track.

2009: CJC enrolled its first cohort of English Language and Linguistics students.

2010: Completion of the college chapel initiated by former principal, Br Paul Rogers.

2011: Establishment of the Ignite programme to help prepare students to face a fast changing university landscape.

         Creation of the mission statement: A Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart.

2013: Unveiling of new college crest.

2014: Launch of  the new college flag.

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