Friar David Garcia, OPFriar David Garcia, OPWhen was the last time you had fun?
A few weeks ago I was playing basketball … after 30 years … that was fun and humbling.

Name an occasion you felt embarrassed or humiliated. 
I congratulated someone for her new pregnancy. It turned out she was not pregnant … and not amused by my question.

Name an occasion when you felt God was far away.
I can’t recall a particular incident when I felt that way. I do however go through periods of spiritual dryness. Just like the seasons, after a dry season another rainy season comes.

What do you like best about being a Religious/consecrated person?
The freedom that leading a simple life gives and that I could not afford if I were responsible for a family and the fruits of the good use of that freedom.

What are the usual distractions during your prayer time? What do you do about them?
The usual distractions are about me doing something else. So I use the distractions as a new topic to pray about.

Pope Francis calls for a Church for the poor, by the poor. How do you live that within your vocation?
Just like no one gets a salary for being married, no one remunerates us for being a priest or a Religious. As such, we have to earn a living that suffices to pay the bills. The ministry of teaching, as St Paul says, gives more than enough if one leads a simple life intentionally.

What do you like doing most when with your biological family?
Chatting during meals and being updated of the latest events in the family and in my country.

Favourite book or author?
Many. High in the list will be the works of St Thomas Aquinas, E Anscombe, H U von Balthasar and many others. I enjoy Spanish literature but only find time for that during holidays.

Favourite food?
Roast pork.

What do you normally do to relax?
It depends on the kind of rest I need. I can exercise or go watch a good movie or simply try to learn something new.

Spanish Friar David Garcia
Order of Preachers (Dominican Friars)
Born in Spain
Working in Singapore since 2000

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