Running out of gift ideas for loved ones? Or wondering how you can meaningfully share your year-end blessings with others? Here are some suggestions from Mel Diamse-Lee.

Gift of brotherly / sisterly love to the needy

Delight loved ones by donating on their behalf. And if you are feeling generous towards the less fortunate, consider  giving to the following Catholic non-profit organisations.

Clients in training at an ABLE partner agency.Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations (ABLE)
ABLE helps youth and adults from low-income households suffering from muscular dystrophy or needing therapy to be able to perform basic daily functions, such as eating, toileting and personal grooming.

ABLE also supports  caregivers of people with muscular dystrophy by offering respite care, whereby a  homecare nurse or nursing aide attends to the client while the caregiver runs errands or takes a much-needed rest.

To donate, make your cheque payable to “ABLE Limited”. To find out more about the organisation and to contribute, check out


Gift of intimacy

A Christmas present that helps loved ones get closer to God or enhance their marital relationship is surely a blessing.

Cenacle Sisters*

The Cenacle Sisters dedicate themselves towards giving retreats, spiritual direction, pastoral counselling, catechesis and other spiritual formation programmes.

The Cenacle Sisters in Singapore also need a convent of their own to reside in and accommodate small groups for spiritual formation.


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