A priest and several laypeople share about helping others and what mission means ahead of  World Mission Sunday

Using gifts, talents to evangelise with love

Bringing joy to the Montalban dumpsite in the Philippines.My spiritual director once shared with me a request he asked in morning prayer: “Lord, show me how to love.” This request became the starting point not only of my day upon waking, but of how I wish to lead my life.

Mission means service. As a follower of Christ, it is to concretise the love of God in this world, share the joy of being a beloved child of God, and help others make that same connection: to fall in love with Jesus and live in an intimate and loving relationship with the Father.

Specifically, it involves using my gifts and talents to touch lives, bringing light and happiness to whoever I meet and wherever I go.

As a single woman who cares for a healthy, independent parent, I attend weekly The Women to Ministry meetings that support women in their faith journeys.


Former lawyer who turned missionary

Ms Esther Fong facilitating a Bible sharing with Balikatan womeOften, people ask me, “Why did you become a missionary? How do you continue to do this? It must have been difficult to give up your career to do this.” If 26 years ago, someone had told me that I would leave the security and comforts of being a lawyer to become a lay missionary, I would have laughed.

My ambitions were very different and I did not even know lay missionaries existed!

Sometimes, I still wonder whether the Lord made the right call as I would probably have supported the missions better as a lawyer. Yet it is my heart and availability that the Lord seeks.

In searching for meaning and purpose in life, I opened my heart to Jesus and experienced his love and joy. This encounter led to a friendship with the Lord.


Medical students on mission to Cambodia

Team members from Mission Srolanh 2013 demonstrating dental care to CambodiansWe went to a school in Obrum, one of the villages in Cambodia where we ran a mobile village clinic as part of Mission Srolanh.

Mission Srolanh, an annual medical mission trip to Cambodia, was initiated five years ago by a group of Catholic medical students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (YLLSoM) and doctors from the Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore.

We believe in evangelisation through our actions – starting and ending our clinics in prayer.

For Mission Srolanh 2013, our identity as Catholic missionaries was strengthened.


An Indonesian's desire to serve

Members of iCARE, founded by Ms Tanty Tutang (extreme right) posing for a photoAmidst a busy schedule, iCARE’s founder and religious and evangelisation head, Ms Tanty Tutang who is an Indonesian native living in Singapore with her three children, made time to meet me for a drink.

She shared stories of how God is alive and working in our world, and about the marginalised in the remote areas in Indonesia. iCARE which is affliated to CHARIS Singapore, caters to the materially and spiritually needy there.

“We wanted to share the work and be part of the Church,” said Ms Tutang. This sense of unity and communion with the Church gives iCARE members a platform to share and undertake the mission of the Church.

Ms Tutang shared that in the past, she was afraid of losing her material wealth. But when she almost became bankrupt, she decided to follow the call of Jesus in her life.

With prayers and discernment, she began a new chapter filled with joy. Along the way, her trust that God would provide and not abandon her increased.

Through her personal encounter with God, she is returning to a path of joy that she had while growing up as a carefree spirit.


Living by giving the best of yourself to God

Fr Michael Cheong addressing a Chinese-speaking community on one of his mission trips.As a Singaporean missionary priest with the Verbum Dei Missionaries, I have been missioning outside Singapore for about 15 years now, mostly in the Philippines. I work mostly with youths, couples and families, attempting to bring them to see the greatness and beauty of their Christian calling and in living fully their mission in Christ.

In all these years, the word “mission” has certainly developed and taken on a new meaning for me. It started off as a heroic adventure but as time went on, it became less and less about doing great things for people, as Jesus teaches us that it is more about having a great love for God and for people. “For no man can have greater love for his friends than to lay down his life for them” (Jn 15:13).


Religious Overseas:

Fr Paul Goh Lian Kok SJ (Hong Kong)
Fr Emanuel Lim Hwan SJ (Macau)
Verbum Dei
Sr Elaine Seow (Taiwan)
Sr Su Fern Khoo San (San Francisco, USA)
Sr Jeanette Kong (San Francisco, USA)
Sr Monika Punan (Philippines)
Fr Noel Campos (Colombia)
Fr Michael Cheong (Philippines)

Canossian Daughters of Charity
Sr Anne Tan (Italy)
Sr Josephine Sim (Italy)
Sr Iris Jaswant (Italy)
Sr Mary Yong (France)
Sr Bridget Foo (Australia)
Sr Elizabeth Tham (Australia)
Sr Calista Ponnudurai (Tanzania)
Sr Catherine Wu (Hong Kong)
Sr Jacqueline Chin (Myanmar)
Sr Marion Liong (Myanmar)
Sr Angela Ng (Myanmar)
Daughters of St Paul
Sr Grace Lee (Hong Kong)
Sr Theresa Lim (Italy)

Scheut Missions
Fr Peter Koh (Italy)
Fr Anthony Lim (Taiwan)

Franciscan Missionaries
of the Divine Motherhood
Sr Jacinto Kow (England)
Sr Andreina Chin (England)
Sr Sixtus Thariyan (England)
Sr Mary Holy Child de Cruz (England)
Sr Marie Elise Tay (England)
Sr Angeline Lim (England)
Sr Regina de Roza (Ireland)
Sisters of the Good Shepherd
Sr Margaret Lee (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Sr Juliana Lee (People’s Republic of China)
Sr Clare Lee (Vietnam)
Sr Susan Chia (Italy)

Missionaries of Charity Sisters
Sr Lee Fong (Kolkata, India)
Sr Shin Lei (Darwin, Australia)
Sr Peiling (Cebu, Philippines)
Sr Carmel (Hong Kong)
Sr Maria Toni (Hong Kong)
Sr Francisca (Washington, USA)
Sr Longinus (Taiwan)
Sr Maria of the Cross (Korea)
Sr Jovier (Perth, Australia)
Sr Tarcisius (Rome, Italy)]

Cenacle Sisters
Sr Amy Lee Siew Hwee (XiaoWei) (Philippines / Macau)
Sr Christine Lam (Philippines)

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