Members of iCARE, founded by Ms Tanty Tutang (extreme right) posing for a photo.Members of iCARE, founded by Ms Tanty Tutang (extreme right) posing for a photo.
Amidst a busy schedule, iCARE’s founder and religious and evangelisation head, Ms Tanty Tutang who is an Indonesian native living in Singapore with her three children, made time to meet me for a drink.

She shared stories of how God is alive and working in our world, and about the marginalised in the remote areas in Indonesia. iCARE which is affliated to CHARIS Singapore, caters to the materially and spiritually needy there.

“We wanted to share the work and be part of the Church,” said Ms Tutang. This sense of unity and communion with the Church gives iCARE members a platform to share and undertake the mission of the Church.

Ms Tutang shared that in the past, she was afraid of losing her material wealth. But when she almost became bankrupt, she decided to follow the call of Jesus in her life.

With prayers and discernment, she began a new chapter filled with joy. Along the way, her trust that God would provide and not abandon her increased.

Through her personal encounter with God, she is returning to a path of joy that she had while growing up as a carefree spirit.

Ms Tutang said that “it is not in possessions, but in knowing that I am partaking in a bigger plan of love that the Lord has shown me”.

Mission also plays a part in the iCARE founder’s family life. As a wife and mother, an active parishioner, and one dedicated to studying and living the Word of God, she is a living witness of love at home and beyond.

Her husband, children, and father-in-law, who is a Buddhist, agree that iCARE makes the world better by reaching out to all people, regardless of creed and colour.

When it comes to those who want to be enriched and are searching for God, Ms Tutang advises them to serve the poor
 “God loves a cheerful giver,” she said.

To those who want to do mission work, “just do it and you will receive more than you give [as] it is by looking into the eyes of the poor that you experience God speaking directly to the depths of your heart, so listen and live”, she said.

iCARE collaborates with Indonesian parishes in Karimun and Bintang to provide medical and dental care to the more remote parts of the Indonesian islands. A number of families with children and youth are involved in these missions.

Children like Ms Tutang’s participate in these missions by offering their own pair of hands as a loving support in place of the head rest of a dentist’s chair.

The youths also provide help during catechism classes, run flea market stalls to sell clothing, and offer assistance in the children’s ministry.

Ms Tutang, also runs prayer sessions for adults.

By Catherine Lee

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