SITUATED at the back building of the former Saint Francis Seminary in Ponggol Rd, Singapore, is the relatively unknown Trinity House of Prayer. It is run by an Australian Redemptorist, Brother Casirnir.  This prayer house was established to meet a most urgent need for people today - the need for silence and solitude.

As Brother Casimir explained: "It is often in silence that one can experience God." And the prayer house provides the conducive environment to help individuals return to the solitude of their hearts.

In keeping with the silence, there will be no group sharing, charismatic prayer, group singing or retreat director in the prayer house. But he will make himself available should spiritual direction be needed. He also conducts meditation sessions on Tuesdays.

The prayer house has 15 rooms, a lounge where meals are taken, a library and a prayer room. A comfortable silence permeates the whole place and Brother Casimir's calmness and gentility will put everyone at home immediately. One person who has benefitted from a stay at the prayer house is teacher Mr Fred Zuzartee. He said: "The tranquility of die place puts me in a prayerful mood. The meditation sessions and periods of silence also helped me to look into myself and be aware of the Father's presence."

So if you are interested to have a quiet retreat, far from the madding crowd, you can call Brother Casimir at 285-1206.

- by Juliana Teo

The Catholic News, February 18, 1990, page 12

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