“OPUS Rosa Mystica" can be identified with a group around Horst Mehring, Essen, who puts himself forward for the veneration of the Mother of God as "Rosa Mystica".

Mr Mehring leads pilgrimages to Montichiari - Fontanelle (Diocese of Brescia) where the Mother of God seems to have appeared to a lady with the name Pierina Gilli. The priest, Eligio Carbo, who had promoted most of the Veneration in Montichiari has been suspended in 1979 by the Bishops of Brescia and Verona. After consultation with the Sacred Congregation for the Faith the Bishop of Brescia has sent the following statement to the Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference in 1985:

1. The so-called apparitions of the Virgin Mother of God under the name of "Rosa Mystica" that took place in Montichiari, lack all credibility.

2. A veneration of the Mother of God under the name of "Rosa Mystica" is not approved. One is not allowed to carry this out or to promote it.

3. All who promote this worship by re-editing of pamphlets and organising of pilgrimages do not strengthen in this way the faith of Christians, but much more so they bring confusion through this because they act against the instructions of the Church. Priests of the Diocese of Brescia do not take part in procession, prayers and other activities in Montichiari because the Church forbids it, but priests of other dioceses and religious priests do.

Mr Mehring promotes the veneration of Mary as "Rosa Mystica", by sending statues, rosaries and other things to people around the world.

At the same time there is a gathering/ collecting of signatures to support the introduction of a feast of Rosa Mystica.

Meanwhile, the signatures have been sent to the Sacred Congregation. He also keeps a record of the sales/giving way of statues, forms of veneration and the result of these venerations including reports of miracles.

In his hometown Mr Mehring is prudently more reserved about the worship of Rosa Mystica. He has a group of female coworkers, who are not known by name.

+ Franz Cardinal Hangsback Esseh, Germany

Published in the Catholicnews, June 24, 1990 issue. Page 4

Reference article: Bishop Chan's letter

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