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It seems that many of our young people associate attending Mass with a social gathering and not much more (Young People Who Don’t Attend Church, CN, June 15).

Reasons like being bored, not enjoying themselves, a homily that is too long and which they cannot relate to, no friend to go along with, even preferring to do other things because going to church seems meaningless – show that they believe that Sunday church attendance is something they can do without.

But Mass is not about socialising nor is it about feelings. Mass is worship of God, a celebration of the Holy Eucharist, a commemoration of our redemption from sin for our salvation.

It is about thanking God for His love and mercy, for the countless times He has forgiven us when we have done wrong, for all the graces and blessings He has showered on each and everyone of us, undeserving as we may be, for our intellect, our health, our family and friends, and all our material goods.

If for no other reason, let us take Holy Mass as a way to express our  gratitude and reverence for our infinitely loving and benevolent Father in heaven.

It takes just an hour of our time. Let it be a joyous event, which indeed it is, like a meeting of two lovers, an encounter with Him who loves us immensely, and we, who are the recipients of this love, and who love Him in return.

We will then overlook and dismiss the little inconveniences and discomforts associated with going to church.

Let parents show the way. As one interviewee put it, she will go back to church if influenced by family members.

Let us not find excuses like not having enough time to study or social activities to skip Sunday worship. Let us get our priorities right.

Our young people are not exposed to an environment which helps to build up a strong Christian faith.

As “Matthew” of the Church of the Holy Spirit pointed out, after Confirmation there is nothing else.

Building up the faith together with doctrinal formation is a necessity, an ongoing process.

Without a strong foundation in doctrine and faith, indifference creeps in, which may eventually lead to abandoning the Church that Christ built.

Terence Seow

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