Some people work simply and solely in order to gain money. Is there anything that divides men more than money does?

In the World, - World in the sense in which Our Lord and St. John use the word money is actually the god: for money H desired not only for the sake of comfort but also for the sake of POWER. Worldly comfort and worldly position, that is what many people want money for.

If you work ONLY in order to gain money you will be working to feed your own selfishness and pride which means working for the destruction of human society.

The employer who aims only at gaining money can see no problems except those to do with money; economic problems are the ONLY ones: he can no longer see the question of the HUMAN PERSON enter into the matter. He organises his business to 'increase his profits'. He does not see that his way of organising his work may ruin the health of his workers and destroy their intellectual and moral faculties.

An employer whose aim is only to gain money is more dangerous, even from the physical point of view, than any microbe; on the moral side he is as dangerous as any subversive propaganda.

When the employer spends his time and energy only in order to gain money, the Church condemns his attitude. while , he, on his side, will accuse the bishops and priests who condemn him as being 'communistic'. A few years ago he would have called them 'socialist'.

When employees act and agitate only for the purpose of getting money (we are not talking about a living wage now) and power, the Church condemns their attitude too, and they turn round and accuse the bishops of being "capitalists”.

When we speak of an employer working only to gain money, we mean the case of one who has plenty for his own self-gratification - more than he need - but none to spare for paying a living wage to his employees.

If your aim, as you work, is only to gain money, your mind is not in accord with the mind of the Church.

Christ said, "'He that is not with me is against me". So also we can say "HE THAT IS WITH MONEY IS AGAINST GOD".

You must not work ONLY for the gaining of money but for the GLORY OF GOD and for the SERVICE OF SOCIETY.

Working for the GLORY OF GOD means working for all that is fair, just, good, and true.

Working for the COMMON GOOD of human society means the spending of your time and energy in such a way that the human personality, your own and that of those around you, may reach its full development and not be stunted; and that thus MEN, men who are real PERSONS may exist in a fit condition and find their happiness in the TRUTH AND LOVE that is GOD.

Christians have no right to work in such a way that evil follows therefrom.

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, August 27, 1950. page 7

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