If a woman aching and at death's door from the tortures of an incurable cancer may be eased out of life by her doctor at the request of her husband, why may not any man or woman afflicted with physical or mental agony call upon a doctor for a death drug? And that he or she has many years of living agony ahead is all the more reason for applying the dosage. The life here and now is all that counts. God, judgment and eternity are given no mention in this modern so-called "mercy killing".

"Mercy killing" ignores completely what follows. Death is so restful, so peaceful after the tumult of pain! It expresses the long silence and rest that follow the hard "catches" of suffering. So in the view of people who do not believe in God, or in God's dominion over life and death, "mercy killing" may be conceded to anyone who wants to end a tortured life, personally or through the ministrations of a physician. To people, however, who believe in God and in God's government of life, "mercy killing" is rebellion against God. The "mercy killers" are killing mercy in that one supreme moment when every one of us will need mercy most.

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, August 13, 1950. page 7

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