You May Think You Know This, Others Don't; Please Read It And Tell Them. "said The Spider To The Fly"

In countries where they are not yet in power. Communist tactics are ALWAYS the same. They first keep declaring how much they want to collaborate with Catholics. They promise so convincingly to respect Christian liberty, even if a revolution puts them in power. When you point out to them the measures taken against the Church in Central Europe and in China, how Bishops have been imprisoned etc., they will try to hypnotise you into thinking that there the Church authorities were all mixed up with feudalism and opposed to any economic reform; but it is quite different "here". Whether these Communists are sincere or not is beside the point. Christian Charity forbids us to iudge the interior motives of a man, even if an enemy. It is a question not of their 'good faith' but of their doctrine, not of their sincerity but of what they say and what they do.


1. What do they actually say?

To save time, we go straight to the Great Master of Communist Action LENIN. The texts we are about to quote have never been denied. (The Communists have never tried to hide them and it is amazing that Catholics with whom they sought collaboration have not noticed them more). This is the Communist attitude to rdigion. Look at it for yourselves:-

Lenin, the first "Pope" of Russian Communism in his book "On Religion" p. 14) declared this 'postulate' (as he called it) to be "the CORNER- STONE" of the whole philosophy of Marxism with regard to religion: "We must combat religion. This is the A.B.C. of Marxism. The Marxist must be the enemy 0f religion". This is the heart of Lenimst-Marxism. But now see how it is to be presented on the surface. "We must not only admit to the party, but also try to attract to it all the workers who still believe in God; we must absolutely avoid any insult to their religious convictions; rather we GATHER THEM IN TO EDUCATE THEM IN THE SPIRIT OF OUR PROGRAMME: WE DO NOT REFUSE THEM, AND WE SHOULD NOT REFUSE ENTRANCE TO THE PARTY OF ANY PROLETARIANS WHO MAY HAVE PRESERVED SOME VESTIGE OF THEIR OLD PREJUDICES" (Lenin: "On Religion" p. 9).

"Atheism is an integral part of Marxism. Consequently a class-conscious Marxist party must carry on propaganda in favour of atheism". (Lenin: "On Religion"Introduction).

This is first hand evidence of how Communist agents of propaganda are briefed. And these are the authentic words, remember, of the leader whom they regard with what has taken the place of religious veneration.


2. Facts and Deeds.
It is a pity that so many people have so small, or at least so superficial a ~nowledge of what is actually happening m Central Europe and China. You must try and get out of people's heads the idea that there is any political motive in the harrowing descriptions that you read in Catholic papers. Persecution is an ugly fact. Men and women of religious orders are being put in prison and sent to forced labour; devoted laymen are threatened with exile to concentration or labour camps of their families if they do not turn their Catholic Action to support of the Communist regime. There is real and actual evidence for these things.

Get this clear. WHEN THE COMMUNIST PARTY IS IN POWER IT IMMEDIATELY AND CONTINUALLY FIGHTS AGAINST THE CHURCH. It acts differently in different countries, and always declares that it is acting from political motives, but its aim is plain: IT IS DETERMINED TO DESTROY ALL THE CHURCH'S INFLUENCE. Perhaps it may not always abolish actual worship in the Church buildings.

The leaders of the party are intelligent enough to know that a religion which goes no further than mere attendance at Mass h~s no influence on general life, and the day will come when that kind of religion will die out of itself.

But we are taught, and they know we are taught, that Christianity is to penetrate the whole of our lives on earth not in order to submit all our social o;•der to the external government of the Church, but that the supernatural life of Christ may animate our activity, whether individual or social, from within, so t hat all human intercourse may be filled with Divine Charity and have that as its chief motive. It is to THAT that the Communist party is utterly opposed.

And that is what you must understand if you are going to grasp the true meaning of the religious persecution in the countries which suffer under the influence not only of Moscow but of Marxism.


Now we can draw these conclusions:

1. WHOEVER SUBMITS TO COMMUNIST INFLUENCE IS IN DANGER (by the very fact of Its influence, as Lenin himself foresaw and intended) OF LOSING HIS FAITH. Oh yes, I know there are plenty to declare that they would die rather than deny Christ; they are sincere. But that s not enough. When a man is in any way within reach of the influence of Communism, his conscience gets gradually modified, little by.little the poison seeps in, until the day will come when he will no longer be shocked at Lenin's phrase:

"For us, morality is wholly subordinated to the interests of the proletarian class struggle". (Lenin: "On Religion" p. 48).

(In other words, the end justifies the means). So it comes about finally that everything the Church does is wrong, and everything the party does is shown to be admirable.

2. BUT THERE IS ANOTHER AND STILL GREATER RESPONSIBILITY THAT A SUPPORTER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY INCURS: not only does he risk losing his own faith but he becomes responsible for the loss of the faith of those who come under the influence of that Communist party which he supports.

Consequently, Catholics should take the trouble to see the situation as it really is; then they will know where this Communism of our day is actually leading. They will know what a risk they incur by coming within the influence of the party. They will know what heavy responsibility is theirs if they give any support to the Communists.

The Church in no way refuses to allow us to co-operate with non-Christians in our ordinary daily .affairs; all She demands is that AS A FUNDAMENTAL BASIS, not necessarily the Church's own theological doctrine, but the NATURAL LAW be taken. And Communism, as we showed before, is against the NATURAL LAW.

It is nearly three months since we tried to show that Catholicism and Communism can agree no more than can light and darkness, than yes and no; that they are incompatible.

Everyone should know this, not merely practising Catholics, not only readers of this Newsletter, but the indifferent, the drifters, the non-Catholics, all whom you meet in daily life- they MUST be made to know and to realise that even though Communism is illegal, that doesn't mean that Marxist ideology has no longer any influence among us. You may not think so, but we do assure you that there are many, even among educated folk, who do not realise the danger of Communism and see that it is something more insidious than tanks, or torture, or even a Gestapo. Do help us to try and make them understand, to warn them, as the Holy Father has warned us, so that they may not be seduced by false hopes and ideals.

Pius XI refers to Communism as "the modern revolution which has actually broken out or threatens everywhere, and exceeds in amplitude and violence anything yet experienced in the preceding persecutions launched against the Church. Entire peoples find themselves in danger of falling back into a barbarism worse than that which oppressed the greater part of the world at the coming of the Redeemer. Bolshevistic and atheistic Communism aims at undermining the very foundations of Christian civilization." (Encyclical DIVINI REDEMP" TORIS, March 19, 1937).

"China, if nothing else, must be a warning to Catholics to awake."

The Malayan Catholic Newsletter, October 8, 1950. Pg 3


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