Fr Eugene Vaz speaking at the Church of the Holy Cross.Fr Eugene Vaz speaking at the Church of the Holy Cross.
“There is a need for a paradigm shift. At the heart of marriage and work is the human person.”

Fr Eugene Vaz made this point during the fourth in a series of talks called Bridging Your Life with Christ, held at the Church of the Holy Cross on May 10.

Speaking on the topic of work and marriage, Fr Vaz told the crowd that man and woman were told to be fruitful and multiply, and were given lordship over the entire creation, making them stewards of creation.

Thus through marriage and work, humans are called to form a community of love and service.

He noted that by one’s work, man partakes in partnering with God in the ongoing development and beautification of His creation. The very meaning of God’s calling to work must be seen within the nature and purpose of the human person who is made in the image and likeness of God.

So if one’s work doesn’t help one to realise this, then there is a mistake in the work that one does, said Fr Vaz.

He noted that when one is caught up in the external aspects of a job, such as profit-making, the aspect of work in which man uses work for his growth in God’s image is lost.

Neglecting this aspect and emphasising the externals leads to competition, greed and manipulation, whose ugly consequences affects one’s family and marriage, he said.

By moving away from a materialistic and solely economic vision of human labour and embracing the view that each person is made in God’s image and likeness, the very purpose of work becomes a service to humanity, he said.

Fr Terence Pereira will speak on Work and Church in the next and final instalment in this series, to be held on Aug 2 at the Church of the Holy Cross.

By Reno Antony

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