Sr Amy LeeSr Amy Lee
Lee Siew Hwee was baptised in 1992, at the age of 18 in Church of Christ the King where she attended RCIA. Taking Amy as her baptism name, she was confirmed four months later.
She was trained as a civil engineer and had worked for about six years before she decided to join a school of mission in the Philippines in 2002.

She had previously heard about the Cenacle Sisters in Singapore, but it was only in 2007 that she started to know about the Cenacle Sisters in Manila when she was looking for a spiritual firector to help her discern her next step as she was completing her studies.

When she returned to Singapore at the end of 2008, she knew that besides wanting to put to use the knowledge gained from her studies in developmental psychology, she was also attracted to the consecrated life.

She eventually asked to begin her discernment process with the Cenacle Sisters in Singapore.

“I experienced living and praying with the Cenacle community... and participating in their ministries for about nine months,” she said. Subsequently, she said she found herself feeling “like the Cenacle was where I was sent from and where I return”.

Sr Amy then entered the postulancy in Manila in September 2010. Along the way, she had her doubts but by God’s grace, she was able to trust that she would not know if she is truly suitable unless she tried.

She added, “I also learned to dare to ask better questions, seeing that no Cenacle Sister is completely the same, [like] ‘What makes me a Cenacle Sister?’ or ‘How can I be a Cenacle Sister?’”

Sr Amy said that attending recollections, retreats and having spiritual accompaniment had been helpful for her in her Cenacle journey thus far. “They had been experiences and channels of grace of healing, of challenging to grow up, of coming to know God, self and others better,” she said.

Sr Amy, now 40, made her first vows in December last year. In her journey ahead, “I do desire to continue to grow in knowing, loving and following Jesus and to be able to share this journey toward fullness of life with others,” she said.

Her advice to anyone who is discerning a Religious vocation, is that “our very seeking of God is itself a gift – a journey in faith, a witnessing of God’s love and faithfulness. Be not afraid to explore, to risk, to dare to choose.”

By Clara Lai
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