Movie stills from Chocolate Comedy (left) and Menstrual Men, two films to be screened at the CFF.Movie stills from Chocolate Comedy (left) and Menstrual Men, two films to be screened at the CFF.CANA the Catholic Centre will be organising an inaugural CANA Film Festival (CFF) for both adults and children this year.

To be held on June 7 and 8, the film festival will focus on the universality of Catholic social teachings. During the festival, documentaries, shorts and independent feature films of diverse origins outside the Catholic faith will bring to life the principles of Catholic social teachings.

The selection of participating films is closely guided by the principles of human dignity, association, subsidiarity, participation, common good, universal destination of goods, solidarity, dignity of work, dignity of creation and promotion of peace.

While Catholic social teachings encapsulate the social mission of Catholics, the festival aims to dramatise this mission and its significance through the myriad stories told on screen.

According to Fr Johnson Fernandez, spiritual director for CANA and the CFF, “Film is a force for social good. The films that we have selected reinforce our shared humanity with their empowering messages.”

During the weekend event, there will be four screenings per day, with two screenings running concurrently.  The overall programme has three categories:

• Kids Showcase (1 screening on June 7 only)

Who is it for?:
Ages eight to 14 years old

Films to be featured are:
Chocolate Comedy (Indonesia): Fatih who wants to be a stand-up comedian, jokes about the one thing that he cannot have: chocolate!

Autograph Book (Singapore): Focuses on the friendship of two young girls, and how non-threatening actions can affect relationships with people around us.

• Singapore Showcase (mixed across 7 screenings on both days)

Films to be featured are:
Before We Forget (Singapore): This film, which is supported by the Lien Foundation, looks at the lives of two women with dementia.

Menstrual Man (India): Mr Arunachalam Muruganantham, who was recently voted one of TIME’s 100 influential people, is a visionary who aims to empower poor Indian women with access to both basic feminine hygiene and a livelihood.

• International Showcase (mixed across 7 screenings on both days)

Films to be featured are:
The Fall (Belgium): about a couple on vacation and their loss of innocence.

A Nun’s New Habit (Australia): about an ordinary Religious sister with extraordinary compassion for some of the most marginalised people arriving on Australian shores today.

Adomya (India): about the relationship between a single mother who is an AIDS survivor and her daughter amidst strong rejection by family and society.

The CFF will open and close each day with panel discussions to help foster a clearer understanding of the Catholic social teachings. There will be question-and-answer sessions about the films after each screening.

The CANA Film Festival (CFF)
Date: June 7 and 8, 1.30 to  6.30pm
Venue: CANA @ The Catholic Centre (55, Waterloo Street #02-01)
Tickets: $20 (adults) per day, $8 (children, for the Kids Showcase).
Refreshments will be provided.

To register, contact CANA at 6338 4080 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Films are subject to change. Please check with CANA or the event’s Facebook page ( for updates.

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