When the Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus Convent in Singapore opened their gates early in the morning, they used to find newborn babies wrapped in bundles abandonE'd near the door. That was· more than thirty years ago.

Nowadays, people hand their unwanted offspring to the nuns who insist on registering them said Rev. Mother St. Charles, Superior of the Convent. The Convent Creche, which is almost 100 years old, has at present 100 babies whose ages range from a few days to several months. In addition, there are 120 older girls in the orphanage.

The Singapore Social Welfare donate 100 lbs. of milk powder a month and $7.50 per baby to help maintain the Creche. Voluntary contributions in cash and kind do the rest. Until recently, Sister St. Angela was in charge of the Creche. She has how~ ever gone to Ireland on leave. The bigger orphans and school girls continue to help feed, wash and dress the babies.

The Malayan CatholicNews, 1953

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