Ms Evelyn Wendy Ho seen here with her children, Bella and Ethan.Ms Evelyn Wendy Ho seen here with her children, Bella and Ethan.
Ms Evelyn Wendy Ho was baptised as an Anglican, but her acquaintance with the Catholic Church over the years led her to embrace Catholicism.

Her aunt, a Catholic, had taken her to Catholic churches when Ms Ho was young. When she came to Singapore from Malaysia to work, she visited St Joseph’s Church in Victoria St, and when she was looking for a preschool for her daughter, she enrolled her daughter at the school at the Church of the Holy Trinity. She then started attending Mass at the church on occasions such as Christmas and also to pray for the health and well-being of her two children.

Ms Ho shared that she sensed God inviting her to be part of the Catholic Church and she made up her mind in 2013 to take her first steps to know more about the faith.

Although she was baptised when young, she never had “an in-depth relationship” with God or “put in an effort to read the Bible” or ask her parents about the faith, she shared.

Now she says she is “curious” about the faith after her RCIA journey, which she found smooth sailing.

“I find every time I’ve come there’s new information,” she said, adding that she was able to “learn from other people’s experience”.

Ms Ho shared that she is now able to relate Bible passages to what she encounters in the course of the day. Sometimes she finds that the Bible passages are words of advice to her, she added.

She is also now more aware of the needs of those around her and would make a conscious effort to accommodate them, Ms Ho said.

Meanwhile, her children Bella, 10, and Ethan, six, were also baptised at Easter at the advice of the priest. Her husband has yet to embrace the faith.

“There is a lot for me to discover, which I look forward to. I really pray that God will open my eyes and my heart to receive it openly and to be a better person,” she added.

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