Ms Kelly PhungMs Kelly Phung
Her only reason for attending Mass in the past was to accompany her then boyfriend, recalled Ms Kelly Phung.

Speaking to CatholicNews in an email interview, she said she was not interested in becoming a Catholic in 2009.

However, after a while, “the words of the Lord got into me and touched my heart. I started to be attentive to the readings of the Mass and I felt closer to the Lord,” said Ms Phung, who is Vietnamese.

She decided to join the RCIA journey, which she describes as a “fantastic” experience in learning about the faith and the Church.  Now she puts God first in her life and feels He is always with her to guide her in her daily life, she shared.

“God has become my best friend whom I always speak to in times of good and bad,” she said. “I’ve learnt to be more understanding, forgiving, patient, and non-judgmental towards others.”

“I feel grateful and blessed to have found my God,” she added. “My faith in Him has got me through all obstacles that I’ve faced. Praise to the Lord!”

Ms Phung shared that she now hopes to get involved in Church activities after her baptism, which took place at St Joseph Church, Bukit Timah.

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