HONG KONG.-"We are the 'people.' We are the 'government.' " With this cry 150 teenage orphans used the acid test on communism's daily boast that the new regime in China is really a "People's" Government.

When police officers entered the Tou-Se-Wei orphanage in Shanghai to arrest the director, Rev. J. Billot, they never thought their properly stamped summons would be challenged by a group of mere children.

The summons read in part: "Jean Billot is to come with us to the Security Police. He can no longer act as director of this orphanage. By order of the People's Government."

In unison the children shouted: "We are the people-We are the government." They promptly locked the priest in his room where the police could not reach him. Only when the officers promised to leave would the orphans agree to let Father Billot go to the headquarters. Then the 150 orphans followed the "imperialist" to the Security Police office.

There were many red faces staring out from under redstarred caps as the orphans led the procession through thousands who lined the streets to watch and to listen as the children shouted: "This is a good man. This is a man without fault. We protest his arrest."

The embarrassment of having the 150 orphans and a growing crowd at the entrance caused the police to spread their interrogation of Father Billot to two hours and release him to the "people,"the orphans who waited for him. At his appearance the 150 shouted their joy. The shouts continued as the orphans escorted Father Billot in triumph back to the orphanage.

The Malayan Catholic News Page 9, SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1952.

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