THE Soviet "Godless" League. .... according to the Swiss Press, reported in the Osservatore Romano, is at present conducting a particularly intense campaign in occupied Poland.

Three million roubles were devoted to the work of the "Godfess" in Russia and occupied Poland in the days before Easter in order to prevent the celebration of the Feast. To this end, 15,000 popular demonstrations in the Soviet Union were staged.

Russia, according to the same sources, is trying to persuade Germany to ally herself with the same campaign so that the whole of Catholic Poland may be combated.

A Russian military tribunal has condemned to death two Poles, Stanislaw Krotki and Waldemar Peschebischewski, for listening to the Vatican Radio and organising religious meetings to participate in Catholic ceremonies broadcast over the air. The two man have been executed by the G.P.U.

Cardinal Blond's Testament.
Soviet Russian efforts to destroy the influence of the Catholic Church and introduce atheism in Polish territory are described by the Primate of Poland, Cardinal Hlond, in an interview with the Narodowiec, a Polish paper published in France.

Above all, he said, it was the children who were the victims of this campaign. All religious instruction had been forbidden in the schools, but the gradual conversion to atheism was carried out in stages. At Rozanystok, where there was a large community of Salesian Fathers, religious instruction in the schools and attendance at church were forbidden from November 1. Later in the month a cinema was constructed in the chapel and the nuns were sent away from the orphanage, where they were replaced by "Young Communist" Jewish women.

A system of spying was started among the children, who were aided by the example of 50 young Jews expressly introduced into the orphanage for that purpose. Finally, on December 12, the priests were given the alternatives of abandoning the habit and professing officially their conversion to atheism or being turned out. Crucifixes were still allowed in some districts, but could be hung nowhere else than between the portraits of Lenin and Stalin.


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